Communications plans | Messaging | Social corporate responsibility

We know how to get you connected and engaging your public. We offer personalized communications plans that are goal-oriented and detailed for success. We also can help your company create a social corporate responsibility plan that will protect your brand.




Media kits & lists | Press releases | Building relationships

We create effective media kits and press releases that tell your story. We also build industry-specific media lists with the people who matter. We can engage with the media on your behalf and build strong relationships that get you the coverage you need. 




Social media campaign plans | Account management and monitoring  

Let us establish your social media presence and strategically connect you to your online community, giving them the information they want and the quick responses they desire. We’re proficient in a number of digital platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Storify, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn. 



Issue campaigns | Shaping public opinion | Government relations

We can bring attention to your cause and make sure your voice is being heard. Our staff has experience working with getting legislation passed (or killed), community organizing and lobbying elected officials. We know how to run victorious grassroots efforts. 




Literature | Campaign Plans | Constituency Outreach

The staff of Kalaro Media has experience working on a wide-range of political campaigns; from school board races to presidential elections and everything in between. We know how to help candidates win, we know how to keep elected officials in office.




Handling the media | Strengthening influence | Message formulation

If it's preparing you for an interview with the press, teaching your team how to become more effective communicators, strengthening your public speaking skills or how to best engage your public, we have the tools to train you.