New Name, Same Blog...Kinda

Hey there! I know it's been a while, sorry about that. I was going to do a rundown of everything I’ve missed since my last post, but why?

You may have noticed the name of this blog has changed from "Scandal: For Real" to "Confessions of a Communicator." Long story short, here's why: I was excited by the prospect of a primetime show focusing on an overlooked (but major) component of my work. I was happy about "Scandal." Then season 2 happened.

I thought using "Scandal" as a point of reference for my blog on crisis management/crisis communications would be a great idea. But then, again, season 2 happened and the show was no longer about work but about being in your feelings. Really, season 2 was about absolutely nothing beyond marinating in your feelings like a brined chicken soaking in salt water. Olivia was giving me nothing but lip quivers and hurt feelings. In addition, I realized I can't really talk about the good stuff I get to do because the good stuff stays off record. My best work, you’ll never hear about and that’s kind of the of point.

With that said, I've changed the name of the blog and I've broadened the scope of topics. I'll still touch on crisis management and crisis communications here and there, but I'm going to talk about a lot of other stuff too. I would give you examples, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know yet. Guess we'll find out together.